“Do the best you can with the body and mind you have today”- A lesson I learned, and a quote I have borrowed from one of my yoga teachers during a Bikram Yoga class.

I repeat this affirmation and remind myself of it often, especially on days when I am being too hard on myself. Do you have days like that?? Where you just can’t seem to get out of your own way?  Most of us tend to be our harshest critics, our biggest competitors, and really just beat ourselves up too much!

It’s perfectly OK to not always feel your best. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Cut yourself some slack.

Maybe you woke up with a stiff neck or are experiencing physical pain, and you are having difficulty concentrating on your work today because of it. Maybe you are frustrated because you can’t focus on anything else… It’s OK! Maybe you are feeling super stressed out, depressed, or anxious, or just totally out of sorts. It’s OK!

Acknowledge your feelings, whatever they are. Accept them. It’s OK to feel them. You are safe and supported. Feel whatever emotions are coming to the surface and feel where you are holding tension in your body. Let it all be felt and heard, and then let them go.  BREATHE IT OUT! EXHALE STRONG AND LET THAT SH*T GO!!!

They need to be accepted and acknowledged in order for you to move through them.   It’s OK that you are in pain, or you are feeling down. It’s OK that you are frustrated with it, because maybe this is a chronic issue for you.  It’s OK to have these low feelings and moments. It’s OK to be stressed and overwhelmed to the max. It’s OK that your productivity is lacking.  It’s OK that you don’t feel good, or you’re depressed, withdrawn, and sick of whatever BS has made its way into your day.

Do the best you can with whatever you are dealing with, in each moment.  Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are only human!  Be gentle and kind and loving to yourself. You need extra love and support and gentleness on your harder days. And that is OK! You deserve to take it easy on yourself. Be your own cheerleader! YOU ARE AMAZING !!! Take a few minutes to do something today that makes your heart sing! This challenge you are facing  is temporary, even if it is a chronic issue for you; there is still space in your life for relief.  Nurture yourself, and love yourself more, in times of struggle, frustration, and physical or emotional stress. It will get better!

Do the best you can, just for today, with the body and mind you have.  WHEN YOU TRY YOUR BEST THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!  No judgment or expectations of yourself. Let those go.  No comparison to how you have felt on other days, or in other situations. They are different. You are different. Our body and mind is always changing, every day is new. So just for today, do your best and give yourself some extra TLC!

In health, love, and gratitude,