Rumor has it that Deep Tissue Massage “hurts” and well, from my standpoint, that is definitely NOT the case.
When I hear people talking about “Deep Tissue Massage”, I often hear “ it was good but I felt beat up afterwards” , “it hurt a lot, but I guess it’s supposed to” , or “they told me to just try and breathe through it so they could get the release they needed.”
I also hear people say “That’s not for me, it sounds like it hurts” or “I’ve heard horror stories and I don’t want to be sore for 5 days afterwards” or “I know I’m sensitive, and I wouldn’t be able to tolerate anything like that.”
Are you under this impression too? .…If so, please read on!
There are many different styles of deep tissue therapy, and there are people who do “like when it hurts and to feel beat up” and that’s totally OKAY if that is your preference.  However, Deep Tissue work does not HAVE to hurt to be effective. Actually…I DON’T WANT YOU TO HURT ONE BIT!
My unique approach to Deep Tissue release is effective because I am not aiming to cause you more discomfort. I intend to alleviate your pain and minimize the stress response within your body. Without “beating you up and making it hurt”, I am still able to effectively release the restrictions in your tissue, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits of my work.
When you feel pain, your body tenses up. You (subconsciously) shorten your breathing or hold your breath, causing a lack of oxygen and blood flow to your muscles, organs, and tissues around your body. Oxygen and blood circulation are necessary for proper tissue functioning, release, and healing.
Holding your breath while receiving treatment is totally counterproductive! How can I increase the circulation needed for your tissue to release, repair and heal, when your blood flow is slowing down?
When you feel pain, your body is triggered into a stress response. Pain causes your body to go into a “fight or flight” response to protect and guard your safety. Your nervous system feels attacked, and your muscles tense to prepare for “battle”. This again, is totally counterproductive. To cause you pain, would mean your whole body is now full of tension and totally stressed out. Your fight or flight response has been activated and your stress hormones are flying! At this point, I would not be able to work deeper into your muscular tissue because your body is totally guarded, fighting against me, not allowing me to release any necessary deep tissue restrictions.
When you have pain, even in only one area, the rest of your body is still effected. An example of this (off the massage table) is when you sit for too long and your lower back starts to hurt. You shift positions or start to stand and you realize now other areas in your body feel tight and achy or you feel incredibly lethargic, stressed, and just overall yucky. Your original pain has now effected your entire body and your mood.
Your body begins to tighten everywhere due to your nervous system’s stress response which was caused by the initial pain you felt. Other examples of this are: When you have a headache and then start to grind or clench your teeth. Or you feel stressed and your shoulders end up by your ears!
Pain is not fun! And it is most definitely not productive!
With any and all of the techniques I use in session, assisting your body to relax, heal, and relieve pain is ALWAYS my #1 goal. I intend to relax and release painful or problematic muscular tissue, as well as to calm and reset your nervous system. When we are in a relaxed and pain free state our bodies are able to function to the best of their ability.
By facilitating your body and mind into a relaxed state of being, your muscles will naturally allow me to get deeper into your tissue, without force, and without causing you ANY pain. For this reason, my unique style of deep tissue release is highly effective in relieving pain and tension and managing chronic pain conditions. Your body will be relaxed and open, not guarding or fighting, which creates a space for powerful changes to occur.
I hope this post finds you well and has given you great insight into how Deep Tissue Massage can be highly effective, without causing ANY pain!
In health, love, and gratitude,
Lisa Karrat,  L.M.T., R.M.T.