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Effective, Relaxing, Integrative, and Intuitive Sessions

Therapeutic Massage, Reiki,  Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy

Serving Venice Florida and Sarasota County

~*Investment in You*~

90 minutes ~ $160         120 minutes ~ $210

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Holistic Coaching & Intuitive Guidance

Fall in love with your life as you heal, align, and evolve into a higher version of YOU!

Individual Sessions

~*Investment in You*~

One 60 minute session ~ $111     

 Six Weekly Sessions~ $555    Twelve Weekly Sessions ~ $1110

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Essential Oils & Chemical Free Products

 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to enhance your life through their physiological and psychological healing properties.

Non-Toxic Cleaning and Personal Hygiene products to reduce your exposure to poisonous chemicals that are preventing you from living a feel great life!

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Plant-Based Health & Wellness

Fueling your longevity lifestyle with Plant Based Nutrition, Botanical Body Wraps and Skincare!

Immune boosting Superfood Greens, Collagen for joint & muscle repair, Protein Shakes, Brain Fueling Coffee, B Vitamin Energy sticks, KETO & weight release support, as well as Natural Anti-Aging Skincare.

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I look forward to supporting you on your journey of healing, happiness, health and longevity!

~ Lisa Karrat

“I have worked with Lisa for many years, and I am in a unique position to evaluate her as I am a retired Massage Therapist with over 25 years in practice.  She is one of the best therapists I have ever known. Her work is relaxing yet deep enough to produce great effective results, with the added benefit of her intuitive nature. Lisa is an incredible Massage Therapist and I highly recommend her.” ~ B. Abeles-Kravitz
“Working with Lisa has been an amazing experience. She was born to do this work. Her talent and experience were obvious from the first moments she worked on me. She’s a consummate professional, a gentle soul, and a gifted Massage Therapist.”
~ J. Vanderploeg 
“There are many good therapists but Lisa is in the exceptional category. When I first started going to Lisa, I had unrelenting pain in my neck and scalp which was later diagnosed as Occipital Neuralgia. Through Lisa’s technique, my pain levels have dropped tremendously. I feel better overall and I leave in a truly relaxed state. Because of Lisa’s unique style of massage, I am on my way to becoming pain free.” ~ E. Kelley
“For many years I have incorporated  Massage therapy into my life having experienced the benefits to release stress and alleviate my pain. Lisa is by far one of the best therapists I have ever experienced. She brings a wide range of technical skills to each visit and seems to intuitively know how to best assist in the “healing” of whatever is most concerning at the time. Lisa’s calm professional but caring manner is healing in and of itself! I highly recommend her.” ~ J. LaFlash
“Lisa is an excellent Massage Therapist! I have moderate arthritis and I tell Lisa what pain I have and she knows exactly how to make me feel better. She never rushes and is very understanding and thorough in her work. She also has a very sweet personality.” ~ M. DeCaro”
“Lisa is the most gifted, professional, and completely competent Massage Therapist I have ever worked with. Her hands are like magic, with attention to detail like no other. I literally would not be able to do my job daily without her skilled assistance. She is very prompt, professional, kind, and strong. Her varied techniques and focus on my “trouble spots” have kept me moving for many years, and I hope will never stop. Thanks Lisa!” ~ R. Johnson